Explore a new underwater world with the PADI Night Diver Specialty in Bali

Drop into a whole new world visible only under the glow of your diving torch.

The key word for describing night dives is mysterious. As day creatures retire, the nocturnal underwater life awakens. IN Bali, the most famous night dive spots are in Padang Bai. This is where we have the chance to see the always positive Spanish Dancer dorid nudibranch, Porcelain Crabs, a variety of other crabs, Cuttlefish etc.

What will you learn ?

While during day dives you have the luxury of setting your bearings using many underwater elements, during night dives you need to master a few new skills and specially focusing on what you can see in your diving torch.

Controlling your buoyancy by feel, staying close to your buddy and paying closer attention in the coral than you normally do during the dive, these are all new skills to learn.

During three night dives you will practice:

  • Dive torch handling
  • Communication techniques using the dive torch
  • Entering, exiting and navigation guidelines
  • Understanding how underwater fauna and flora differ or change behaviour during the night
  • Private PADI Instructor
  • PADI registration fees
  • Transfer to dive sites
  • Boat rental
  • Equipment rental
  • Dive insurance
  • Hotel Transfer to/from dive center in areas Sanur
  • Towels, snacks, lunch, water/soft drink
  • Dinner ( if applied )
Options ( extra charges apply )
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