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It took us a moment until we found the right title for this article but after being inspired from a Chinese post on the same subject we decided that Excessive Excessive Packaging suits the topic perfectly, much like the perfect irony.

So what is the concept of excessive packaging and why are we talking about it ? in short, it’s the issue the entire planet is talking about, plastic killing the oceans, killing us and everything else. Excessive packaging is the concept where you order and SD card online and you receive a huge envelope as packaging.

But perhaps most dramatically and absurdly is the Coca Cola can packaged in plastic to be served on the shelf… and ah you should see the picture below.

Words can describe many things but throughout watching the pictures we’ve compiled for you, most probably there will be moments you will laugh and moments you will be speechless without understanding any purpose or sense.

Ourselves at Neptune Scuba Diving, we have worked hard from our very beginning to ensure that we will be reusing each and every piece of plastic, wood, metal or any item that we put our hands on. We’ve started from bamboo straws to reusable food boxes to reusable water bottles and the journey will certainly not end here.

So so so, let’s see now the Excessive excessive packaging photo gallery… be amazed


Overall what does this excessive packaging lead to ? well it goes to this, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch or also known as the Pacific trash vortex. See the picture on the left… so to understand how big this garbage patch is you should imagine it’s the greater than the size of France. Impressive right ?

Fortunately we just got news that finally there is a campaign of trying to fix this garbage issue in the Pacific Ocean by using special machinery in an international effort that is admirable at first and hopefully easily to be repeated in other parts of the oceans and hopefully on land as well.

Share your thoughts, share and share again the post, let’s show the world what our habits have created when we did not control how we eat, drink and overall shop.

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