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Become a  certified scuba diver with the PADI Open Water Course in Bali.

The PADI Open Water Course is the most popular and important among all PADI courses in Bali. During this course you will receive the knowledge and learn the skills you will need throughout your entire scuba diver life. Once certified as an Open Water Diver you will be a confident and independent diver able to dive safely to a maximum depth of 18m.

Your first day will be starting at approximately 08:00AM with a class-room session, a knowledge review if you used the PADI E-Learning material and confident water skills in our majestic pool.

The pool training is a step by step process that gives you time to learn your buoyancy, safety considerations, but most importantly adapt. When you have acquired a skill we go on to the next one.

Learn diving in Bali is a lot of fun and you will never forget your first time! Between the theory and the pool sessions you will have time to rest and enjoy our TripAdvisor famous diver’s lunch.

On the 2nd and the 3rd day we’ll go into the open ocean for your first dives! 2 dives per day, 4 dives in total throughout your diving in Bali. The day will begin at the dive center at approximately 07:30AM, there your instructor will be waiting for you for the morning briefing after which we will travel to Padang Bai and eventually Tulamben on the next day.

The first part of each dive is dedicated to skills practice that you have already mastered during the pool training. After demonstrating a satisfactory level we will go for the second part of the dive, underwater exploration! Between each dives we will have a surface interval, and you will be given time to rest, enjoy snacks, drinks and lunch, discuss about the dives with the PADI Instructor etc.

Upon completing the 3 days PADI course in Bali and passing your final exam, your application will be processed, you will receive a temporary certification via e-mail and the original PADI certification Bali is being sent to your chosen address.

  • Professional PADI Instructor
  • PADI registration fees
  • Transfer to dive sites
  • Boat rental
  • Equipment rental
  • Dive insurance
  • Hotel Transfer to/from dive center in area Sanur
  • Towels, snacks, lunch, water/soft drink
  • Being able to swim ( swimming lessons can be provided )
  • Be at least 10 years old
Options ( extra charges apply )
  • Private PADI Instructor
  • Additional dives
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