Proposing to the love of your life is always a special plan which requires creativity to make it even more memorable. It is the moment when your knees shake as you make the first decision that will shape both your lives.

For us, there are plenty of proposal spots in Bali but perhaps none can be equal to the surprising underwater marriage proposal. You can be certified divers or you could have never done scuba diving before, it works either way and it is amazing.

We had the honour of preparing a few of these moments and every time we feel how special it is because it is different every time. In concept, if you have never tried scuba diving before but you came up with the wonderful idea to surprise your future fiancé in the most unique way, we will support you.

Let’s begin with the first step of preparation, what to do actually ? We begin with buying the flowers which we will hide carefully and bring them underwater. Here we should choose the type of flowers, colours, bouquet setup etc. In our last experience we managed to modify one of our reusable food bags to fit the bouquet of flowers which we even more hid in the boat… nerves were stretched considering that at any moment the lucky one could have been looking for a snack or bottled water and find the flowers.

We will then look at the ring, shall we use the real thing or perhaps a back-up plastic ring just in case we don’t want to loose the big diamond … it happened before people choosing a plastic ring and definitely that could be an option. Your Divemaster or Instructor will carry this ring underwater and hand it over to you when the moment begins.

Eventually, the question of communication arises because you can’t speak underwater can’t you ? For this we have a few options, using slates on which we write a special message ourselves or perhaps a unique printed material that you can carry it with you underwater and roll it out like in the video below which we took just a few days ago.

The element of surprise is the key because you can hide each and every little details behind the concept of going scuba diving or if you are uncertified and have never tried it before, call it Discover Scuba Diving.

What does Discover Scuba Diving mean ? we will basically begin the day early meeting at the dive center with all the preparations already in place. We will be doing a pool training during which we will be learning the basics of scuba diving allowing us then to go in the ocean. During the entire time it is purely impossible for our plan to be discovered.

Heading out to the dive location which we can by the way choose from the multiple ones available in Bali, the diving team will make sure your future fiancé’s attention is always in a different place than where she could find what we are actually doing. Special signals and understandings will be already discussed between you and the diving team, you will know exactly when everything will go down and when you should start preparing.

Words can describe many things but let’s allow the video to speak for itself, this is how a surprising underwater marriage proposal in Bali looks:

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