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Today we’re proud to announce that we are expanding from scuba diving in Bali to surfing in Bali, opening Neptune Surfing School in December 2018.

At Neptune, we believe that customer service is and it is supposed to be a natural feeling. From the very beginning we have applied this concept from the deep heart of what we represent and as a result, here we are. With the same concept as a base for our future surfing plans, the surf school in Bali will be running on two bases, one in Sanur where our world famous dive center is located and a brand new location on the West-Coast in Kuta.

The reason behind running on two bases is both strategic as it is pure expansion. Throughout the year, the best surfing conditions in Bali are either on the west coast or the south coast, either Kuta or Sanur.

For our surf school in Kuta, we have designed the most fascinating and wonderful interior. From the entrance you will arrive in a big positive bubble with a helpful reception to the left, friendly shop all around and an amazing restaurant and bar area which we like to call Surfer’s Corner. Words are beautiful but how about seeing some actual pictures:

Quality throughout and overall, stellar natural and sincere customer service, experienced and certified surfing instructors with the most amazing homemade snacks that have already made us famous on TripAdvisor. Everything you know about Neptune Scuba Diving, transported into Neptune Surfing School for surfing Bali.

From the interior we are showing above, to the view of the outside, one amazing building representing the biggest and most modern surf school in Bali, a continuous promise and attention dedicated to each and every surfer.

Coming this December!

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