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Ladies, gentlemen, divers and divers, this blog post is merely a short update regarding an important matter on which we have worked for the past couple of weeks, updating our Privacy Policy to comply with the latest European Union laws and regulations otherwise known as GDPR.

As such, we are happy to inform you that we have just updated our Privacy Policy complying fully with the latest necessities both for EU’s General Data Protection Regulation ( GDPR ) as well as for CalOPPA, lastly being used in the US or for companies with customers from California, USA.

In order to bring more clarity to these matters we have gathered the exact law texts provided at the following links:



What does this mean for you as a visitor, user, customer, guest of Neptune Scuba Diving ?

In short, it means that we will be transparent hence sincere with the information that we are collecting for either marketing purposes, administration, legal or any other points and necessities. It means that whenever we bring any updates to our Privacy Policy, you will be informed and once again transparently and sincerely.

Of course, on a last note, our Privacy Policy can be read at any moment on the dedicated page right here:

Related to this subject we stand ready at all times to answer any questions clarifying any points that might arise from the law texts or our own Privacy Policy.

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