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After the surprises of releasing the PADI Dry Suit Diver specialty course, at the end of this year we are now coming out with yet a new surprise, we are releasing the famous specialty PADI Sidemount Diver in Bali available in Chinese and English.

PADI Sidemount Diver Specialty in Bali – although most preferred by technical divers, many of the other recreational divers believe that diving with sidemount is more comfortable. Just after 6 months since we’ve released the Dry Suit we are prepared to come out with a new specialty.

We’ve made out our mission to provide not all but definitely the most famous and the courses and specialties possible to be done in Bali. Because of course, definitely the Ice Diver Specialty cannot be done here where we are, that would definitely be unique.

The Dry Suit specialty has been a long awaited release specially coming from our Chinese divers and surprising enough, all other international guests have joined the adventure and became certified in high numbers for this different type of PADI specialty in Bali.

Once you master the equipment and find the balance in your sidemount setup, they say you never go back to the old ways of scuba diving.

And yet, with us the sidemount specialty in Bali will be highly accessible and perhaps flexible as well. We’ve decided to make it available since the beginning both in Chinese and in English languages thus allowing great access for all divers.

Joining the specialty course with Neptune is as easy as sending an e-mail or an WhatsApp message and asking for it. The courses can begin any day and do not depend on a minimum number of students. Our multilingual PADI Instructors are always prepared to begin so we will make sure to accommodate immediately.

Logistically we made it as easy as we have already made everyone know until now. We will be taking care of absolutely everything regarding your course, starting with the sidemount equipment to hotel transfers, snacks and refreshments going all the way to PADI certification.

The Sidemount Diver specialty in Bali will be ready to begin in February and enquiries are open starting today.


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