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Dear friends, divers and divers, related to the upcoming Nyepi Day ( Balinese Silence Day ) there is important information you should know. The local Balinese government is taking in strong consideration to restrict internet access on the island on the day of March 17th.
As such, both 3G / 4G connections as well as land connections ( Hotel Wi-Fi’s etc ) might be unavailable for 24 hours having the only locations allowed with internet access to be emergency health care units, government offices etc. 
This being considered, we might be inaccessible for that day so please expect delays in our e-mail replies, LiveChats etc. To be able to make things happen however, we will have a mobile phone number available so Julian will answer each and every phone call on: +62 812 3839 1814
Julian will be able to take bookings as well as coordinate upcoming reservations.
An important note of course, all bookings scheduled for March 18th will receive hotel transfer details on March 16th allowing everybody to feel comfortable throughout this special day in Bali.
Stay safe and stay positive!

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