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At the end of 2018 it is time to come up with a new big announcement coming from Bali’s favourite dive center. Perhaps our most requested and expected service it’s coming soon, Diving Safaris in Bali.

We have listened to each and every voice we’ve heard and to each and every word we’ve read, talking about diving safaris, talking about even mini diving safaris, three days, five days, even ten days diving safaris all around Bali.

We have listened and then we started planning but now planning is coming to an end and the much awaited Neptune diving safaris will begin soon.

But how did this idea begin in the first place ? well, our frequent divers, now our friends who join us diving several times in a year have already visited all the dive sites in Bali and of course like everything you use for quite a while, you feel the need for something new.

And then the ideas started coming in and almost all divers recommended we should begin diving safaris of different time spans.

Fast forwarding to the present, although it’s the end of the year, as we speak we are closing the planning stage and beginning what we like to call Customer Success testing during which we will be testing the trips to find any missing elements or perhaps smoothing rough surfaces for proper safety, comfort and customer service.

As mentioned earlier, our diving safaris in Bali will consist of different time spans as follows:

  • Mini Diving Safari – 3 days
  • Standard Diving Safari – 5 days
  • Extended Diving Safari – 10 days

Of course, different diving safari packages will be available as well and specially for the lovers of macro or muck photography.

As Bali is most famous for diversity both on land and underwater, the macrophotography around the north and east coasts with special and secret dive sites come highly requested. So we have designed special trips for photography enthusiasts:

  • Tulamben Macrophotography package – 3 days
  • Macro Diving Safari – 5 days
  • Extended Macro Diving Safari – 7 days

This is just an example of what we have prepared and of course we are holding back the best part, the surprises with which we plan to take everyone’s breath away.

Hold on tight, we’re almost there with the preparations and as soon as everything is ready we will announce it both our amazing blog as well as on our social media channels.

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